You: the high school student who wants to get a post-secondary education.

Us: the organization that wants to help you reach your goals.

Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

For the last few years, the Afghan Professionals of Ontario has been working with other organizations to fund and fulfill a post-secondary scholarship award. This year, we’ve decided to take this on ourselves. We’re looking for smart, hard-working Afghan-Canadian students who need help with paying off their post-secondary degrees.

Ideally, we’d help all our Afghan-Canadian students with their post-secondary education. However, because we’re a non-profit organization that’s fully supported by people like you, we have a limited amount of awards we can hand out. This year, in 2019, we hope to award two young students with some financial aid. This scholarship award is meant for anyone who is going to begin the first year of post-secondary studies in fall of 2019. For example, if you are currently in the 12th grade, you are eligible to apply. If you graduated from high school before 2019, but have not begun your post-secondary studies yet, you can still apply.

What do we need from you?

We need a few documents from you. Read below or download this as a PDF to keep you on track. 

Your 12th grade transcripts

Your resume

2 letters of references

A personal statement letter from you – “What is your purpose in life?”

Our form

The required documents:


We need your 12th grade transcripts. However, if you can’t get your 12th grade transcript in time, we’ll accept your full year of grade 11 and the 1st semester of grade 12. If you have more questions about this, contact us at


We need your 1-2 page resume that lists off your education, skills, volunteer and work experience.

Letters of reference:

Send us two letters of reference. One letter needs to be from a teacher at your school. The other letter can be from somewhere you volunteer or work at. We will not accept letters of reference from friends or family members.

Personal statement:

We need a personal statement from you. The personal statement should answer the following question: “what is your purpose in life?”. You can send us your personal statement either in a Word or PDF document (1 page), through a video you make, a website you make, or a special graphic design (such as a comic strip) you make. We ask you to be direct, clear, and creative if you want to be! If you have more questions, ask us at

Our form:

Fill out this form. If you send us your application package without this form, we won’t consider you for the scholarship award.

Sounds good, right? We need all of this from you by July 1, 2019. Send your application package to when you’re ready!

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Download this page as a PDF.