The stats don’t lie: 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing. The vast majority of schools don’t teach kids how to code, which is probably why you can’t code! Although we’re in a digital era, with coding and programming skills potentially becoming as expected as first-language skills, most adults have never written a line of code.

Because of this skill gap, and because of where our future lies, APO has decided to launch a special event this May! We invite you to come out to our “Coffee & Code” event on May 6th. We recommend that beginners to coding join us for some fun and learning, as we will mainly be focusing on the core languages of the web: HTML & CSS!

We hope to open up a few doors for you, whether it be for your personal needs – such as creating your own website, or app – or because you want to eventually steer your career towards technology! Either way, we think you’ll enjoy the tools you’ll walk away with, including a little web page and some code you can take home with you!

WHEN: May 6, 2017
WHERE: We’ll let you know… soon!
WHAT TO BRING: Your laptop! This event is “BYOL” – bring your own laptop! We ask that you download the program “Sublime Text” onto your laptop for the event, as we will be using it.
WHAT WE PROVIDE: A skilled teacher, a free event, and some free, and amazing coffee!
RECOMMENDED FOR: Please don’t come out if you’re fluent in Javascript, PHP, SQL, or anything else! Come out if you’re a true beginner!