coffee and code
WHEN: Saturday May 6 at 11:00AM

WHERE: Room 1 in Fairview Library (Toronto Public Library) – 35 Fairview Mall Drive, Toronto, Ontario M2J 4S4

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The stats don’t lie: 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing. Although we’re in a digital era, with coding and programming skills potentially becoming as expected as first-language skills, most adults have never written a line of code. Because of this skill gap, and because of where our future lies, APO has decided to launch a special event this May! We invite you to come out to our “Coffee & Code” event, a coding workshop aimed at BEGINNERS. We recommend that beginners to coding join us for some fun and learning, as we will mainly be focusing on the core languages of the web: HTML & CSS!

WHAT TO BRING: Your laptop! This event is “BYOL” – bring your own laptop! We ask that you download the program “Sublime Text” onto your laptop for the event, as we will be using it.
WHAT WE PROVIDE: A skilled teacher, a free event, and some free and amazing coffee!
RECOMMENDED FOR: Please don’t come out if you’re fluent in Javascript, PHP, SQL, or anything else! Come out if you’re a true beginner!

We hope to open up a few doors for you, whether it be for your personal needs – such as creating your own website, or app – or because you want to eventually steer your career towards technology! Either way, we think you’ll enjoy the tools you’ll walk away with, including a little web page and some code you can take home with you!

If you have any questions please send us a message on facebook or connect with us via