We know, we know. It’s the middle of summer. You aren’t really thinking about school. Those of us at APO know that during these sweltering days, our mind’s focused on getting through our work and enjoying our free time. But still, there’s something that we want to talk to you about: our Excelerate Scholarship.

This is APO’s second year running the Excelerate Scholarship, in collaboration with the Afghan Scholarship Fund. The ASF is a non-profit that has dedicated itself to creating a scholarship fund for young Afghan-Canadians who wish to pursue post-secondary education. APO believes strongly in propelling Afghans into successful careers, so we are very excited to be spearheading the Scholarship with ASF for another year! 

Last year, APO and ASF raised $2,000 for two young Afghan-Canadians – Hikmat Sahak and Hossai Girowal – who were going to begin their university studies. Both students have since used their awards to fund their university studies, and have been warmly welcomed to APO’s growing and thriving network!


So, this is where YOU come in! APO members and fellow Afghan-Canadians, or Afghan-Americans: we need you to help us reach our $2,000 goal so that two more young Afghan-Canadians can be rewarded for their hard work at APO’s next Conference, which is fast approaching!

We have currently reached the mid-way point of our fundraising, but we don’t want it to stop just yet! What will be your role in helping us grow our intelligent and hard-working community? Will you be a part of the future?

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More about ASF: click here for more information about ASF!