Keys to Successs

Many people might wonder what they need to do in order to be successful in the earlier stages of their careers. For those of you entering the workforce here are the 3 things you need to keep in mind:

1. Find Your Mentors
Everyone needs someone to learn from. Every Karate kid needs a Mr. Miyagi. No matter how far you get in your career there will, and always should be, someone you look up to. I recommend more than one person. I personally have at least 3 mentors. These individuals are older than me, successful, and have the characteristics and traits that I admire.

Your mentor will be your career guide and may also be your personal guide, so make sure they’re people who have the capabilities to guide you. There will always be a time in your career when you need advice, when you need to make a tough decision, these mentors will be there to assist you. They’ll also be there to help you make the right career choices, provide you insight and direction. Find your mentors at an earlier stage, in university if possible.

2. Build Your Network
Your network is crucial. Not only the size, but also the quality. Networking is about building relationships with individuals that are beneficial for you and them. You never know where someone you know now will be 5 years down the road. Although size is not the only factor, it is important in opening up more opportunities for you. The greater the network, the greater resources you have to assist you along your career path.

The individuals in your network will be very useful for you, whether it’s to help you find a job, seek new opportunities,  to provide a referral,  or to assist your professional development. The more people you know and keep in your network, the better.

3. Be the First One in the Office & Last One Out
When you start your first job you have so much to learn, you’re nothing at this point. You just landed the job, you need to show your employer why they hired you and that you’re willing to exceed their expectations. Work harder than everyone else in the building. Come in before your manager, vice president, president and leave later than everyone, including the janitor.


– APO Blog Team